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 o-o's services

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PostSubject: o-o's services   o-o's services EmptyFri Nov 28, 2014 9:17 pm

  • Deltas only
  • Deltas go to o-o

Drawing Services

okay. i really need the deltas for a few things that are coming soon, and i really want some things done so i can afford to do this all.
anyways, i can do:
chibis, ferals, MAYBE anthros, whales/dolphins, ref sheets, custom adopts, linearts, poses, headshots, sketches, etc. just name it, i'll tell you!
i'm really hoping people pay attention to these, and actually think about it ;___;


  • I can do blood, but nothing extreme!
  • I will NOT do nudity.
  • I can only draw male ferals, no anthros - sorry ono
  • I cannot do rooms.
  • You can order at least 5 each.


Any poses are .40 or .20 each.
Linearts are .45, and reference sheets are .55.
Custom adopts areeee .20
Headshots are .11,
and sketches are .13.
If theres anything else I didn't name, just ask! Smile

Click here to view my art:

Coloring, greyscaling, & Lining Service

(Lining is filling something transparent in, or thats what I call it Very Happy)
That only costs .10 C:

It depends on the size, colors, and stuff like that.


Large: .10 - .20
Medium: .5 - .10
Small: .1 - .5


Large & Hard: .20 - .30
Medium & Advanced: .10 - .20
Small & Easy: .5 .10

Heres some examples:
o-o's services 2nrjxwh (cobweb's freebie)
o-o's services Fedzx1 (sol's premade, yes i did buy it)
o-o's services Ddhye0 (mooilevens freebie on dA)

Thats it, any questions, just ask! :DD
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o-o's services
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