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 I'm going to celeport all of your bread!

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PostSubject: I'm going to celeport all of your bread!   Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:32 am

Hellurs! ^~^

I've been on Myriad for some weeks now, and I only found it quite enjoyable, tbh. More than other chatsites I've been on.
You see, I've been here since early 2009 I think ... with different and several of users. I can remember that I had one called Kyria, which I think was my oldest one. Now don't get me wrong - I do have a terrible memory, and can most likely not remember anything else than that.
I recently changed my name from BloodyMess to Celeritate, since Celeritate is my ALT-name, I use it everywhere. So if you should stumble across that name, it's most likely me, haha.
I am an artist, but can't do art on my computer, since my tablet broke some time ago, which left me torn down, hnf. ;-;

Oh well --- I'm a 17 year old gal with the name Bára. I come from the Faroe Islands, a small country near Iceland. And yes, it's freezing the whole year.
I spend my freetime doing artsy stuff, writing and spending time with my lovely boyfriend. ^^ And even though I don't like it ... I do homework too. Just the be on the safe side, right?
Who am I kidding ... no one loves homework, but they have to do it. ;-;
And the meaning of the title, is because I adore this game called Team Fortress 2, where one of the class(my main) is a soldier, that likes to teleport bread through the engies teleporter, lmao. So yeah, I like to call myself a Celeporter. Since yeah ... punpunpuns.

And yeah, before I get into all details and such, I'll just waddle away now, heh.

Greetings from Cele!
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I'm going to celeport all of your bread!
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