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 Vivi's Refs

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PostSubject: Vivi's Refs    Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:27 am

I have permission to use everything with said character listed on this page.


https://imgur.com/a/1U0Mu - Vivi
https://imgur.com/a/WLgRP - Cass
https://imgur.com/a/D1WLo - Annuk
https://imgur.com/a/pvMNS - D Belongs to maggot as of 12/18/16
https://imgur.com/a/qM2Q2 - Sookie
https://imgur.com/a/uMF6P - Stark
https://imgur.com/a/sKAsN - Cassie
https://imgur.com/a/hu5PW - Roxy

Edit 1/7/17
I recieved this guy in 2014 he doesn't have a reference yet! (I forget who I received him from but I know I still have him!)
here is all the art that was included with him
Art with Batty

Wolfhome forum original link to perms below here







Old Names

if I made a typo
If I made a typo in the url "Old Names"

My name is Annuk on chatlands for right now, if changed will edit in future last time edited 12/6/16

My name is Mocha on chatlands for right now, if changed will edit in future last time edited 1/7/17

2/6/17 - Caramel is ALT; Annuk is as well until Annuk runs out of time due to being inactive, I
go back to work 2/7/17 so I wont be online as much
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Vivi's Refs
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