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 Room Commissions

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PostSubject: Room Commissions   Room Commissions EmptySun Jun 28, 2015 6:04 pm

Just to get things in order, there's the terms for my Commissions! (:

1. Currently, I will just do general landscapes only.
2. I don't do clan/pack rooms, furniture, blood, or gore.
3. Preferably my art is just basic.
4. Message me if you're interested and we can work something out.

Prices are indeed cheap, and my prices are just .05-.12!
Images of my work can be seen in the PREMADE section of the Forums listed as: Rooms for Sale.
If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to message below, or send me a chat message.
My user is Aspen on chats.
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Room Commissions
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