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 SamWinchester's Poses

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PostSubject: SamWinchester's Poses   SamWinchester's Poses EmptyMon Feb 01, 2016 12:52 am

Hello! It feels so amazing to join Myriad! It really does. Amazing.
Alright, I know people are already wondering about poses so I'll get to it then. :]

I do make poses.


Chibi Feral: 0.10 Deltas.
Feral: 0.20 Deltas.
Chibi Anthro: 0.30 Deltas
Anthro: 0.50 Deltas
Puzzle Poses: 0.10

Chibi Feral: NONE YET
Chibi Anthro: SamWinchester's Poses Gildas-Anthro-pose-586993972
Anthro: NONE YET
Puzzle Pose: SamWinchester's Poses 0nm0bc1g591SamWinchester's Poses 01a23psuouz4

I'm not that great at pricing so I'm sorry if they're very bad. I'm still new this this forum so I'm a noob. x'D but still, If you'd like a commission of a pose, feel free to message me on Myriad or comment on this. ^^;
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SamWinchester's Poses
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