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 PWYW (deltas only)

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PWYW (deltas only) Empty
PostSubject: PWYW (deltas only)   PWYW (deltas only) EmptyFri Apr 08, 2016 2:49 pm


I'm really after deltas, so I think I'll try these because why not?

I know I'm rusty but it's PWYW and these'll be delivered really quickly, will definitely be today as I've got all afternoon to do them or tomorrow for the rest if I get a few.

As for slots, I think I'll take these:


Payment goes to: Stimulus

Just let me know if you're interested and what position although I can only do standing, sitting or laying, anything else will be very hard for me with the anatomy.

Hard pelt markings might be hard, but I'll give them a go!

These are really just for me to practise with and it's the best way for me to get deltas.

Example of what it'll look like:

(I'm also doing just head and neck if you'd like, not a pose)

PWYW (deltas only) Rih2Xat
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PWYW (deltas only)
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