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 It's that crazy zodiac Taurus..

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Newborn Pup

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PostSubject: It's that crazy zodiac Taurus..   Sat May 07, 2016 4:59 pm

Hello! My name is Kenny!

I'm  just a lovable person that's very funny. I am an adopted kid but I do know everything and everyone in my real family!  I am a huge animal lover and an artist- when I want to be good at drawing- I am usually very quiet and/or really crazy and want to talk xD

I  have severe PTSD but I try not to let anyone know that, but during these recent years I am unable to control it. Sorry If I lash out at you, it's really not you I just have sudden flashbacks and if you kinda say something that wraps on about that I either go super quiet or lash out depending on the context. I really try hard not to lash out, but if so happen I do. Again I am really sorry.

I play a lot of games., Assassins creed 1,2,3, minecraft (rarely), roblox (like never unless I'm playing with my siblings), Elsowrd,Mario, Kirby...pretty much all I can think of right now.

I listen to every kinda of music I don't have a favorite band that I constantly listen to because I switch out listening to new songs everyday. There is however one song I listen to almost everytime I'm feeling horrible.
The song was made by Zach Sobiech, a boy diagnosed with a deadly bone cancer. After a 4 year battle he died. This song he made reminds me that there are people that do have it pretty bad.

I'm homeschooled so I'm a bit more active than people are used to so sorry if you see me quiet a bit randomly xD

I have three cats I like to talk about. The one I talk about most is my cat GingerMan, he's a pain in the butt. Gingy has asthma (yes it's possible animals can get that..) Because he has this smol lung problem he rarely purrs and when he does we have to make him pissed off so he doesn't have an asthma attack and trust me cat asthma attacks are like putting a cat in the bathtub, impossible to calm them down.
I have two other cats, Special and Candi (this is how we spell her name shhh..)
Candi is the aunt of Gingy and Special, she's the eldest and the stubbornness, her mother Mrs.Paco (taco) was a feral cat we rescued. Unfortunately after she had her 3rd litter and when we got her fixed she ran away. The first litter she had was in our shed and we had no idea. Candi was born in the second litter or Mrs.Paco's. Then we found out we had kittens in our shed and their came along Special and Gingy, yes they are brothers. the mother of them ran away too.

I have a therapy dog that was given to me by the court judge to help me through my adoption process, I love her to death and she is never ever leaving my side. 2 rabbits, 5 ducks, 1 horse, 1 peacock,2 goats, and 1 sheep.

Uh..so yeah....if ya have an questions feel free to ask ^^

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Gamma Γ
Gamma Γ

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PostSubject: Re: It's that crazy zodiac Taurus..   Sun May 15, 2016 4:40 pm

Your life sounds amazing and very interesting. I like talking about my cats and my dogs too so xD. We can talk about our pets one day bc I also like listening to people talk about things their pet(s) does/do. I enjoyed reading this Very Happy. Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay here!

Mercuri on chats!
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It's that crazy zodiac Taurus..
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