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 Mercuri :")

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Gamma Γ
Gamma Γ

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PostSubject: Mercuri :")   Thu May 26, 2016 2:50 am

You may already know me.
I'm a current Gamma on Myriad and I honestly love talking to people and making friends. One of my greatest [online] friends is Colliewolf (Allison/Allie) <3.
I am pansexual and a peaceful atheist
I enjoy drawing tbh <3


I have 2(3) cats and 2 dogs.
    Dogs: Tucker & Gator <3
    Cats: Duke & Cocoa (there's this other cat I'll talk about that's why it says 2 (3).)

Alright so about the 3rd ish cat. Right now, I am currently working on helping this cat from off the streets. Her name is Macy. Her owner died and her old owner's daughter is the owner now of all the cats (the lady worked at a vet until she passed hence her many cats she had in her home). Macy is a very good cat and I love her to PIECES. I consider her my own even though she is all the way across town. I'm hoping I can keep her but I gotta negotiate with my mom. So, I see her almost everyday and she follows me around, purrs at me, meows at me gently, and rubs all over me and I swear. The hair gets everywhere. Anyways, I consider her my own even though she's not legally.

I have 9 brothers. (Family is complicated; have only one full brother and only 2 live with me) but their names are JJ, Tre, Jordan, Daylan, Tyler, Mauri, Corey, Davon, and Deavian.
I'm the youngest and the only girl haha.

I'm actually really short being 5'2. My boyfriend is always like "Hahahahaahaha. You're so short." And he's like freaking 6'0 and I'm here like y u so mean. I love Hayden to death TBH <3.

Fun fact about our relationship:
Our names literally have a one letter difference.
I'm Jayden he's Hayden. IKR?

Hope you enjoyed reading about me! Let me know if you want to know more. (Just for the record I love talking about animals and pets so I will run my mouth about them)

Mercuri on chats!
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Mercuri :")
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