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 Michiru / Whisker

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Michiru / Whisker Empty
PostSubject: Michiru / Whisker   Michiru / Whisker EmptyWed Mar 20, 2013 3:57 am

Quote :
Some of my newer freebies, free to use on all chats. Can also be used as forum avatars, in references, in signitures, etc. Modding is allowed. Please give credit where it is due. I'll be adding more as I make them, so stay tuned! Enjoy!

Michiru / Whisker Foxtongue
Michiru / Whisker SitNSpinMichiru / Whisker WheeeeeeeeeMichiru / Whisker PillowSleepMichiru / Whisker PbucketMichiru / Whisker PbucketMichiru / Whisker PbucketMichiru / Whisker KittywithWolfplushieMichiru / Whisker WolfsomethingMichiru / Whisker PouncePuzzleMichiru / Whisker MalePounceMichiru / Whisker FemalePounce

Quote :
More Poses:
Can be used on any chat.
Modifications allowed.
Michiru / Whisker RodeoPlush-1Michiru / Whisker CuddlePuzzle

Quote :
Greyscaled by others:
The following were greyscaled by Fury:
Michiru / Whisker Pbucket

Quote :
The following were greyscaled by BFW:
Michiru / Whisker PillowSleep-1png
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Michiru / Whisker
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