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 IMPORTANT Notice About Lemon/Inky/Bobby 'Freebies' <Please Read!>

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IMPORTANT Notice About Lemon/Inky/Bobby 'Freebies' <Please Read!> Empty
PostSubject: IMPORTANT Notice About Lemon/Inky/Bobby 'Freebies' <Please Read!>   IMPORTANT Notice About Lemon/Inky/Bobby 'Freebies' <Please Read!> EmptyFri Jun 28, 2013 7:33 pm

These supposed 'freebies' are actually closed premades. This does not mean they are free.
The user Lemon/Inky/Bobby left Chatlands, so her premades are no longer for sale. People took this to mean they were free, and started spreading this around until most places had a freebie topic for Lemon's premades.

If you wish to learn more look here:

Here are the links to the premade topics if you're not sure I'm telling the truth:

If you are currently using these 'freebies' on ANY Chatlands, remove them immediately unless you bought the premades while they were still open.

The Lemon 'freebie' topic has been deleted from Myriad forums.
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IMPORTANT Notice About Lemon/Inky/Bobby 'Freebies' <Please Read!>
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