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 Want to know about Epicwolf2222? You've to the right place!

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Weaning Pup

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PostSubject: Want to know about Epicwolf2222? You've to the right place!   Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:31 am

Why hullo there I am Epicwolf2222. Many of you know me as Epic, because that is my name :3. When I first joined chat lands I went on Wolfhome. Then I saw Myriad. I joined it. I knew I liked it better than any chat site I've been on, I stuck with it. I've been on Myriad ever since. I love Myriad, its my favorite chat site. I love the admins. All of the admins are my friends, I am very glad that they are. I also love the people on here. I've met many awesome people on Myriad. Thank you Fouret and Annawolf for creating Myriad <3. I am happy that I joined Myriad, it is an awesome chat site overall.

What Is Epicwolf2222 like?
Well I am a very funny, nice, etc person. I love meeting new friends. I love to color poses and draw. I'm not the best drawer I'm overall OK. I love going on Myriad. I like swimming, and I also like being outdoors. I now use gimp to color my poses, just incase u wanted to know Razz.

Conclusion Smile
So I'm going to wrap this up. So, yes I am Epicwolf2222 aka. Epic <3. Overall, I love everything about Myriad, the people, the admins, the places, etc. Im a funny and a nice person. I'm glad I joined Myriad. I liked it ever since I joined. Now, thank you for reading this little article about....me of course XD.

~By,Epicwolf2222 aka. Epic :3
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Want to know about Epicwolf2222? You've to the right place!
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