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 How to: Italics + others on Chat!

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How to: Italics + others on Chat! Empty
PostSubject: How to: Italics + others on Chat!   How to: Italics + others on Chat! EmptyFri Jul 26, 2013 11:33 am

Hi c:
I noticed alot of users asking me how to use Italics, Underlines and Bold.
So, I am creating this. c:

To Italics;

< i > Your Message Here < / i >
(Don't put spaces though)

To Bold;

< b > Your Message Here < / b >
(Don't put spaces though)

To Underline:

< u > Your Message Here < / u >
(Don't put spaces though)

TO NOTE: This also works in sniffs AND the forums (but there are buttons for them on the forum) , so go ahead and try it!~ c:

ALSO; To those of you who are wondering,
you can also use other things for instance, the Thought Bubble feature:

( Type Message Here )

or for Action Bubbles:

! Message Here !

Any questions just ask a chat admin. c:

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How to: Italics + others on Chat!
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