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 Hello there!

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PostSubject: Hello there!    Sat Sep 28, 2013 11:17 pm

I am not really good at introductions, but I will sum up the majority about me! My character name on here is Slush, although my fursona name is Kolka, and my real name is Leslie. I am Fourteen, My birthday is June 9th, 1999. I live in California and I have always been here. Um, I like to travel although I have never actually even been out of my state. I would like to call my self an artist. I love to swim and my favorite way to swim is good ol' fashioned freestyle. My style of art is Traditional and Digital, although I have been slacking recently and only have been able to draw on paper because of my great artist block on the computer. It has been about 7 months since I have been able to finish an art project on there. silent  I am into the bands/musical artists Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Avicii, Casper, Cro, Snow Mine, Keane, 2pm, Shinhwa, P!ATD, Bowling for soup, 30STM, MCR, Foxes, Fall out Boy, Daughter, and good music like that :)My favorite animal is the Bear, In spite of my fursona being fox! I spend 15/24 hours on the computer (It is a bad addiction I must admit) My favorite pass times are Browsing Tumblr, Playing WoW, Being on Chatlands, DeviantArt, Reading Manga and watching Anime. Smile I love making new friends and would be glad to talk to you! And if any of you have a Skype feel free to add me. I currently suffer from A.D.D, Major Depression and a slight Bi-Polar disorder. I currently feel pretty horrid because I have a major cold. Crying or Very sad Anyways feel free to be my friend <3 (Did I do this right? confused )
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Hello there!
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