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  Hello I'm Smirk~ c:

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PostSubject: Hello I'm Smirk~ c:   Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:23 pm

Well, My names Smirk, ^.^ Everybody calls me Smirkeh i guess xD When i first joined chatlands, i was confused how this works, so i went to wolfhome.i found out it was quite boring, but then after a few times, i saw Myriad. Once i got there Ive been in love with Myriad. Myriad is my true home. I love all the admins, Fouret, Annawolf,Revenge, Arsyia, ect. I love Every single admin including the Helpers: Freakzter,SonicUke.

Well lets know a real life me .w.:
My names Kristen, im 14 years old, i have very bad anger issues, but i have learned to calm myself sometimes. I love art, im in love with Wolves,Foxes,Coyotes,Fennecs, Badgers, Cows, And Pandas. .w.

I am deeply in love With Myriad. Myriad is a place where you can be yourself and love for who you are. All the friends you'll meet, personalities will match.You'll gain love as you go through, Friends who love you.

I love all my friends in Myriad, they made me feel so special. Ive been an outcast in rl, but now, im so loved by everybody.Myriad, Thank you for all you have done. I love you Myriad. Thank You Fouet and Annawolf for creating Myriad. Myriad My True Home.

~Smirk, c: <333 alien 
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Alpha α | Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Hello I'm Smirk~ c:   Sun Oct 27, 2013 5:46 pm

I am deeply touched by your story. Myriad welcomes you home.

Hope to meet you on chat sometime!
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PostSubject: Re: Hello I'm Smirk~ c:   Sun Oct 27, 2013 6:53 pm

C: Thank you. It is my deepest feelings for Myriad. And im happy to be back home .w.

Hope to See you on Chat to~
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PostSubject: Re: Hello I'm Smirk~ c:   Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:07 pm

//whispers imissedyou .o.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello I'm Smirk~ c:   

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Hello I'm Smirk~ c:
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