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 How to upload a room!

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How to upload a room! Empty
PostSubject: How to upload a room!   How to upload a room! EmptySat Apr 06, 2013 2:47 am

Many of the subscription levels on Myriad allow the creation of "rooms" (also known as "locations"). Your rooms on Myriad are your own personal space. They can be pretty much anything as long as they don't violate the Terms of Service.

What are the absolute basics that I need to know?
→ Your image can be submitted as a GIF, PNG or JPEG.
→ The file size must be under 512 KB.
→ Any ratio (height and width) is fine because the image is stretched to fit the available space in the browser. To get the best ratio, you should probably be using about 9 x 5 (for example: use a room background picture that is 450 pixels wide and 250 pixels high).

What sorts of images am I allowed to use for my private room?
You can do pretty much what you want, but here are some ideas:
→ Trees, mountains, rivers, etc. (all kinds of outdoor scenes)
→ Rooms (from your house, or a castle...any sort of room)
→ Outer space, or perhaps the surface of the moon.
→ Large utensils, cups, spoons, plates, the back of a bug (make it look like the wolves are as small as bugs at a picnic!)
→ Text (like, the words "I Love You" in big letters that you can rest on)

And more! These are just some ideas to get you thinking. One common mistake that newbies make is to put water in the foreground. You need to have a lot of space for the people in the room. Don't forget that key element and you should be fine. You can have almost anything you want that could be seen as a background of some sort somehow. Just make sure that you have a place for the wolves to stand (or sit or lay down!) and remember to keep it PG-13!

PG-13? But I thought anything was okay in a private room! What isn't allowed?
The fact is, there are some rules, even with "private" rooms. While there is a way to password protect private rooms, unless you have it locked down, anyone can just walk in. That means that an younger user might visit and see something inappropriate. With that in mind, here is what you can't have in your private room background:

→ No human, dead or alive.
→ No copyrighted artwork, photographs or other intellectual property unless you control the copyright (ie: from a video game or a TV show. That is art theft and we take that very seriously!)
→ No "naughty bits" (nudity that would violate a PG-13 rating).
→ No suggestive themes (example: dungeons are fine, but don't put anything in it that would make people think the room was for one thing, and one thing only.)
→ Rooms that will somehow start a fight. (ie: a room with writing on the walls that says "I hate ________" or "Death to ________")
→ In that same light, do not upload rooms that have any in appropriate words sprawled across the walls.
→ Gore, guts, or anything too graphic. A little blood is allowed, but don't overdo it.

Got it. I'm ready to upload! How?

→ Go to the map and click on "Custom Poses, Rooms, & Objects"
→ On the poses, objects and rooms tabs, select the tab that says "Rooms"
→ Click "Room Uploader"
→ Enter a name for your room
→ Click on "Choose file" and find the room you want to upload
→ Provide something to show us that you're allowed to use the room
→ Click "Submit" and wait!


So, what can I do in my shnazzy new private room?
In brief, we consider ourselves a PG-13 chat; so basically if it's not on "The Simpsons" it's not okay to do in the public rooms. Temporary private rooms are available to all members, but the private room ratings range from "G" to "X" and they are controlled by the private room owner. The main thing to remember is that almost anything is allowed in your own room, but the don't bring any of that stuff to the public rooms or it's a whole different story.

There are people in my room that I don't want. What can I do?
In your room, you are the boss. You can kick ('chase off') people you don't want right out of your room! You can even ban them from coming back in. You can also allow your friends the ability to kick people out, too. To do this, find your room in the Custom Poses, Objects, and Rooms and click the 'Edit' link next to your room under the Room tab. From there you can control who is allowed to enter, or who is denied entry. You may select certain people to be 'room alphas' (the 'police') and so on.

I want to change my room title, too. How do I do that?
Select the room editor by finding your islet and clicking on the 'Edit' link for your room. Using the room editor, you can change your room name, or indicate your room rating ('G', 'PG', 'R' and/or 'X').

I have more questions. What do I do?
Check around the forums, here and Wolfhome's. If the answer isn't there, ask one of the admins on Myriad, they should be able to assist you with your problems!

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How to upload a room! Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to upload a room!   How to upload a room! EmptySat Apr 06, 2013 2:48 am

Very helpful. cat
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How to upload a room! Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to upload a room!   How to upload a room! EmptySat Apr 06, 2013 3:36 am

Thank you! Locking this for a reference.
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How to upload a room! Empty
PostSubject: Re: How to upload a room!   How to upload a room! Empty

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How to upload a room!
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