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 Hello from Velocity

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Newborn Pup

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PostSubject: Hello from Velocity   Sat Feb 15, 2014 9:32 pm

Hello there!

I'm sure most of you already know me, as I talk a LOT and being quiet is not something I like to do, haha.

I am currently 19 years of age, to be 20 on September 27th.

I am dark skinned with glasses and a small afro afro in Barnard College in New York, NY, USA. I'm interested in pursuing a professional career in writing/sociology and education, along with a side job doing graphic art in my unique style!

Hmm...let's see! I run fast and I have strong arms? XD but I have no endurance whatsoever. I love a lot of things: Nice and honest people, books, great food, several types of music such as Motown, R&B, Rap, and Pop music that I relate to, writing, art, and teaching others. I love language and adore when people can use it well--a pet peeve of mine is when people butcher their chosen language (like using wolfspeak).

I am a huge activist for causes that I believe to be morally right and I am not afraid of breaking rules to protect that cause, though I prefer to have open dialogue about said cause first. I am very politically liberal: an LGBTQ member and ally, a feminist, an advocate for minorities and a believer that the 1% should not be so 1%.

I also love my boyfriend, who I know in real life but also plays my roleplay mate on here. He is the one that got me into Chatlands.

I've been on chatlands for a little over two years at this point. My name was, is, and always will be Velocity. Other accounts I own are Pathogen (sci-fi character), xIndigox(my fursona's account), Aspencall(warriors account), and Cyberry(an AI character). I roleplay on all of them when I feel like it, but I do love to chat. I also make refs and I finally came out with a freebie pose after a long time telling myself I would never make one x3. I think chatlands has its ups and downs but for now, I appreciate it as a place where many people can come and have internet families and friends--hopefully many of which will last a lifetime.

<3 <3 nice to meet you
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Hello from Velocity
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