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 Epi's Stolen Legs

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Weaning Pup

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Epi's Stolen Legs Empty
PostSubject: Epi's Stolen Legs   Epi's Stolen Legs EmptyTue May 19, 2015 7:24 pm

Epi's Stolen Legs KXxCeLz

[12:17pm] Bastille: It looks like I have two white paws flinging out of my shoulder.
[12:18pm] Moyo: Yep XD
[12:18pm] Bastille: I'm mutated. I was born special dont judge me.
[12:18pm] Rottweiler: just left
[12:18pm] GirlyDragon12: inhales intensely
[12:18pm] Bastille: I SAID DONT JUDGE ME.
[12:19pm] Bastille: Those two legs are my fiends. I named them Ben And Jerry
[12:19pm] KenazRavenTooth: xD
[12:19pm] Moyo: -chuckles-
[12:19pm] PaintingTheShadows: just entered
[12:19pm] KenazRavenTooth: are they made out of ice cream? Surprised
[12:19pm] Bastille: Nyuu
[12:19pm] KenazRavenTooth: hello!
[12:19pm] Bastille: Cause then people would eat them
[12:20pm] Bastille: They just kinda hang there minding their own business when I walk and stuff.
[12:20pm] KenazRavenTooth: what if they were carnvious legs that looked like ice cream so when people when to eat them the people would eat them instead o___o
[12:21pm] Bastille: See.
[12:21pm] Bastille: they just chill
[12:21pm] Bastille: xD
[12:21pm] KenazRavenTooth: xD
[12:21pm] Bastille: -hits moyo in the face with Ben-
[12:21pm] Bastille:
[12:21pm] PaintingTheShadows: just left
[12:21pm] Bastille: Epi is going to come back and be like wtf.
[12:21pm] Bastille: xD
[12:21pm] Moyo: -growls playfully and swats-
[12:22pm] Epilepsy: yes
[12:22pm] Epilepsy: yes i am
[12:22pm] Bastille: LMAO
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Epi's Stolen Legs Empty
PostSubject: Re: Epi's Stolen Legs   Epi's Stolen Legs EmptyTue May 19, 2015 7:25 pm

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Epi's Stolen Legs
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