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 A small horror story

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PostSubject: A small horror story   A small horror story EmptySun Jul 19, 2015 6:38 pm

This is a true story that happened to me. It's not a made up one or anything like that.

It was in the fall season and I was at home and wanted to go to the woods.

I normally go to the woods with my friend.

But after asking my parents they allowed me to go alone, but I brought my small dog along.

Once I crossed a few streams of creek water, I reached a small cliff.

The cliff was mostly made out of huge rocks with a dead tree that had fallen on it.

The creek water would actually go down the rocks and into a big pond.

The cliff used to have a nice bench on it but some teens threw it off into the big pond below.

So while I was looking at the view and then towards my dog.

My dog wasn't paying attention to me but looking forward.

I looked where he was staring at and to my horror I saw a old man.

I didn't even see the old man when I was walking to the cliff, nor even hear him!

He looked like he didn't have a shower in a month.

He wore a brown-grey jacket and dirty pants.

His bread and hair was grey and dirty.

I saw the man stepping over a small stream, and he was about 5-10 feet away from me, but I was on a higher up level than he was.

So I panicked a bit but stayed calm.

I told my dog that we were going back home and I think I had to drag him.

My dog didn't bark or make any noises.

I was worried that the man would run after me when he finally came up to the cliff I was on.

But I thought he was just a homeless man that saw me and wanted to ask me something.

I came back home safely but I was scared.

This happened in 2012.

For now on, I'm not going to the woods alone.  

Here is a illustration of the man from what I remember. I didn't have a good look at his face since his whole body blended into the surrounding areas.

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A small horror story
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