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 Taurus' freebies

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Taurus' freebies Empty
PostSubject: Taurus' freebies   Taurus' freebies EmptySat May 07, 2016 5:14 pm

Taurus wrote:
Free for all chats. I'm pretty sure they all need re-sizing.

Taurus' freebies Freebs_by_zyanshepard-d9zn966
Taurus' freebies Anthro1_by_zyanshepard-da1qtw8

Taurus wrote:
Please download the PSD files for these, the need resizing. DO NOT RE-COPY ANYWHERE.

Taurus' freebies Enter_pose_male_by_zyanshepard-da0tzwm
Taurus' freebies More__and_possibly_last__male_poses_by_zyanshepard-da16xez
Taurus' freebies More_anthro_male_poses_by_zyanshepard-da0u4er
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Taurus' freebies
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