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 Common Myriad Games

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PostSubject: Common Myriad Games   Common Myriad Games EmptyWed Feb 25, 2015 10:55 pm

Under each header will be a description of what the game is, how to play, and the rules of the game. We left a game out? Have a suggestion? Feel free to post a suggestion.

Chat Wide Trivia

What is it? Chat Wide Trivia is trivia that is chatwide. In other words, an alert is sent out in order to instruct all users who to send their answers too and what the question is. Most times, these type of trivia is harder, and takes up to an hour. Sometimes usually it allows for more users to be able to wide sense there is such a wide player base.

How to play?: An alert will be sent out with a question and who to send the answer too. In order to play, you need to whisper/call the person sending out the questions. Then, whisper/call them the correct answer. Whoever gets the answer correct FIRST wins that round. When winning a round, you are able to win a certain amount of deltas per question.

1. Only send one answer per question
2. All Myriad rules are to be followed
3. No looking up the answer on the internet, and do not ask for people to tell you the answer.
4. Do not work in groups. This is a single person effort
5. No cursing, throwing a fit, arguing with the admin, being rude, and/or complaining about who wins. Be a good sport
6. No harassment of the admin.

Room Trivia

What is it?: Room Trivia is exactly like chat wide trivia. However, instead it is done in a single room. In this room, the host will ask trivia questions. The people in the room will whisper the host the answer and whoever gets it first wins! This is often done in a locked room, so once the game begins no one can come in.

How to play?: A host will ask a trivia question in a room. Whoever whispers the correct answer to the host first, wins the round.

1. Only send one answer.
2. All Myriad rules apply.
3. No looking at google or any other internet source.
4. Groups is sometimes allowed, but most times it is a single person answering the question.
5. No cursing, throwing a fight, being disrespectful, arguing, etc. Lets be a good sport.
6. No harassing the host.

Turn Trivia
Coming soon

Vampire Game
Coming soon

Who Am I?
Coming soon

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Common Myriad Games
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