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 Shallow Night ~(Short Story .w.)~

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Shallow Night ~(Short Story .w.)~ Empty
PostSubject: Shallow Night ~(Short Story .w.)~   Shallow Night ~(Short Story .w.)~ EmptyTue Oct 29, 2013 12:41 am

Wind brushed the snowy tundra, cold air. Koniku, an oak colored wolf, looked up from her den her mate slept beside her snoring away, she huffed, stood up and stretched, She bent down licking her mate Anitu, a dark a grey male with shining green eyes. Koniku brushed her way past the pine leaves that curled down the side of cave, she bringed with the cold air brushing past her face. Her nose twiched in the cold, she looked up at the sky seeing the white stars, she smiled, sat down and looked up "Mother, i know your watching me.Keep a lookout for me and never leave my side." She smiled once more, got up and padded. Her padding broke into a run, she ran into the large pine forest. The trees loomed over her like a shadow piercing from behind.She stopped with tiny rocks flying into the cold river. She sat down, starring blankly accross the river. Suddenly a pure white fae with black paws looked at her in the eye. Its time Koniku, You wanted this. Now you'll have it, Koniku curled her lips and stood up snarling, The White fae rolled her blue eyes Oh. Ohhh Its Koniku, So scary. The white fae growled and brushed her tail upward showing she was in charge. Koniku brushed it off as it was nothing, Koniku growled once more then attacked, she leaped at the fae and slammed her jaws into her neck. The white fae, yelped without showing fear or pain, She grabbed her hind leg and scratched Konikus soft light brown underbelly. Koniku yelped badly, but continued.Out of suprise the white fae leaped at her and bit into her back, pushing with her wait she forced Koniku down. A brief moment past and Koniku was sore, Koniku pulled herself up.Your nothing more than a pup. A Mere Pup who scavnges dirt as food. I regret having you in my pack. But what i dont regret, is killing your mother. The white Alpha laughed at Koniku. Koniku stared at the hard ground. Her paws digged into the ground. She killed my mother, thought Koniku, Ill make her pay. Koniku lept up, she stared at The white alpha. Song? She told the alpha, Song looked at her with disgust. Yes? Out of nowhere Koniku lept at Song, digging her forpaws into Songs' Hindleg. She bit down at the throat and shook violently, digging into the windpipe, she pulled with her might. Song fell to the ground exposing her belly. Koniku growled and walked towards her. This is for my mother. For Atrie! She dug her powerful jaws into the soft belly, digging deeply the jaws tore apart the large intestine. Blood gushed at Konikus Muzzle. Song was dead. But Song was also her sister.

The End .w.
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Shallow Night ~(Short Story .w.)~
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